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Comparison Of PU Synthetic Leather And Real Leather

1. Appearance

The appearance of PU synthetic leather is very close to real leather, because it is an artificial epidermis, there are no pores on the surface and the lines are more regular and neat. The surface of the low-end microfiber leather may feel plastic. The pores of the leather surface are relatively clear and the lines are relatively natural. Press the leather surface with your fingers, and small wrinkles will appear.

2. Weight

PU synthetic leather has a specific gravity of 0.3-0.5, which is lighter in weight, waterproof, and difficult to swell or deform after absorbing water. The specific gravity of dermis is generally 0.6. The leather is much thicker.

3. Smell

PU synthetic leather has a lighter taste, but some low-end microfiber leathers may have a strong plastic taste. Since the leather is animal skin, it will have a peculiar smell, even a bit foul smell.

4. Performance

PU synthetic leather has excellent cold resistance, breathability and aging resistance, and the leather will be more comfortable and breathable. PU synthetic leather and real leather can reach a certain balance in comprehensive performance.

5. Take materials

PU synthetic leather is an artificial synthetic material with the texture of real leather, which is very close to leather fabrics, and its quality and performance are more uniform and stable. The dermis is limited by the size of animal skins, and the physical properties of the species are uneven. There are many varieties, diverse varieties, different structures and different qualities.

6. Price

Leather will be more expensive than PU synthetic leather, and the price of leather will fluctuate due to changes in supply and demand. However, some of the top PU synthetic leathers are highly technological and will be more expensive than real leather and are used in high-end applications.

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