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How To Distinguish The First Layer Of Cowhide And The Second Layer Of Cowhide

1. The touch is expert, feels the touch, and feels fleshy. The layman, press with your hands, there are wrinkles when pressed, the leather is not thick, it is real cowhide, which is the first layer of leather, otherwise it is the second layer of leather.

2. The size of the breadth, the first layer of leather basically retains the entire area of the wet blue leather, and the width of the leather material is larger, and the leather surface is well-proportioned. For the second layer of skin, there will be greater loss when the scalp is cut, the area of the skin will be much smaller than that of the scalp, and there will be more disability parts.

3. Tear resistance, according to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer, the tear resistance of the leather material is 40 kg/cm². Specifically, an adult can easily tear the second layer of skin after a small cut. The first layer of yellow leather is cut with a small cut, and it takes an adult to tear it.

4. Grain texture The scalp layer contains the papilla layer, which has a natural granular surface and pores. When you press it down by hand, the natural leather wrinkles will stretch. Although the two-layer leather has artificial imitation lines, it has no pores. When it is pressed down by hand, the imitation leather wrinkles of the coating or peritoneum will not change or shrink. ’

5. The higher the level of the first layer of cowhide, the thinner the skin, and the best first layer is as thin as paper. The second-layer cowhide is the thickest, because the second-layer cowhide is the first layer of leather and then the polyethylene material is added. If the leather surface is broken, it will be broken before production. Therefore, the leather surface is thicker and cannot be polished during the production process. The upper will break after use, and the leather will be easy to open without sanding. Therefore, the two-layer cowhide leather shoes are made of machinery, without glue and no glue smell.

Leather shoes with the top layer of cowhide will be polished during production. Only by polishing can the glue be firmer. Once the glue is glued, it will naturally smell of glue. The first layer of cowhide is the skin of the cow. The cow has only one color, and its gloss is not as bright as the second layer of cowhide (ie fake cowhide). So after production, polishing agent will be sprayed, so it will have a greasy smell.

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