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Microfiber Leather Becomes The First Choice For Car Seats

Nowadays, there are more and more people using microfiber leather as car interior, because the excellent quality of these microfiber leathers is worthy of our understanding.

As a booming national industry, the automobile industry has received more and more attention from people of insight in various countries and regions. With the continuous improvement of the social and economic level and the increasing awareness of consumers’ health and safety of umbrellas, people are paying more and more attention to the function and beauty of the interior of the car, the comfort of the ride, and the comfort of the car while pursuing the appearance and power of the car. The odor of interior materials, environmental protection and health hazards, and functional and green automotive interior leather products will therefore become the focus of the development of automotive interior leather manufacturers.

According to different car grades and prices, car seats account for about 10% to 25% of the total cost of cars. How to reduce costs to meet the needs of new forms.

The width of automotive microfiber leather is 1.40m (the width can be adjusted according to the design), and the length can be “infinitely long” as needed, and the utilization rate can reach 80%. One seat needs to purchase automotive microfiber leather fabric with an area of 1.712m2 .

Leather does not have a fixed size and needs to be cut. The utilization rate generally does not exceed 60%. A seat needs to purchase leather fabrics with an area of 2.327m2.

The car seat cover made of ultra-fiber leather is exactly the same as the leather process, but the cutting process is low in labor, not only does not require cutting, but also reduces the development cost of stamping molds, reduces the process and labor, and actually uses the cost of car seats. .

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