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The Advantages Of Microfiber Materials For Shoe Uppers

1. The hydrolysis resistance, sweat resistance and aging resistance of the microfiber material are second to none. Used for shoe uppers, it can make shoe uppers more adaptable to the environment and not easy to be strained. These three functions are more durable than leather shoe uppers.

2. Microfiber materials are less harmful. Microfibers are made by science and technology, and the output is more stable. Compared with leather, superfibers have lower cost, less loss, and higher usability.

3. There are many styles of microfiber materials, and there are many kinds of microfiber styles, which are suitable for shoe fabrics.

4. The price of microfiber is high or low. The high price is relatively high in quality, and the low price is also low in quality. More adapted to the domestic market.

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