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The Difference Between The First Layer Of Cowhide And The Second Layer Of Cowhide

Microfiber synthetic leather: two-layer cowhide, also known as two-layer transfer leather, also known as split-layer transfer leather, cowhide split-layer leather, split-layer leather, transfer-film leather, transfer-film leather, transfer-film leather, cow split Layer transfer leather, split leather, coated cowhide, laminated two-layer cowhide, and two-layer composite cowhide. It is a leather made by breaking up the leftover material of the first layer of cowhide and then adding polyethylene material to re-bond it. With the change of craftsmanship, it is also made into various grades, such as imported two-layer cowhide. Because of its unique craftsmanship, stable quality, and novel varieties, it is low-grade leather, and the price and grade are no less than the first-layer leather. Official term: superfine fiber synthetic leather, folk name: artificial leather with cowhide fiber, superfine fiber synthetic leather with more superior characteristics and use value has been developed rapidly. Because the base fabric is made of superfine fibers, it has good elasticity, high strength, soft hand feeling, and good air permeability. Many physical properties of high-grade synthetic leather have greatly exceeded those of natural leather, and the outer surface has the characteristics of natural leather. In an industrial sense, it is suitable for modern scale production, while protecting the ecology, reducing environmental pollution, making full use of non-natural resources, and having primitive skin characteristics on the surface.

Cow leather: The official term for the first layer of cowhide is cow leather, which is the skin of a cow. The folk name is pure cowhide. There are primitive skin characteristics on the surface, and the first layer of skin should be differentiated by grade. The best is grain leather (also called full-grain leather), followed by shaved leather (also called shaved cowhide), followed by For the soft dough, the last thing is the shredded skin.

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