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The Surface Grinding Process In The Production Of Microfiber Leather

In the process of microfiber leather production, one of the indispensable links is the link of surface grinding. In this link, by grinding the leather blank, it can achieve the quality requirements of uniform thickness and smooth surface. Therefore, the operation of this link is quite critical, and the processing will directly affect the appearance of the finished product. So, in this link, what are the issues that we must pay attention to? Let me introduce to you the technical points of the grinding process.

1. According to the quality requirements of various microfiber leathers and the tightness of the base cloth, choose the grain size of emery cloth or sandpaper reasonably. The harder base cloth can be thicker emery cloth, and the softer base cloth can be thinner emery cloth.

2. When the surface of the microfiber leather base cloth is polished, it needs to be re-grinded for the first time, otherwise the fiber will be continuously worn, the fluff will be thick and long, and the surface flatness will not be good.

3. If the surface fineness after grinding is required to be good, the surface can be lightly filled with filler materials. For example, a modified casein-based material can be used for knife coating on the surface, and then the surface can be polished after it is completely dried to obtain a surface with good flatness and fineness.

What I have introduced to you above are the three operating points of microfiber leather in the surface grinding process. Mastering these points is essential to meet the production requirements of the process. I hope everyone can pay enough attention to it.

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