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What Material Is The Microfiber Leather?

The full name of microfiber leather is “microfiber reinforced PU leather”. It is an artificial leather made of PU leather (polyurethane leather) added with microfiber. Its toughness, abrasion resistance and air permeability have been improved.

In foreign countries, due to the influence of the Animal Protection Association and the maturity of technology, the performance and application of artificial leather surpassed that of natural leather. Microfiber leather, also known as regenerated leather, is the fibrous tissue of the base imitating dermis, which is the best artificial leather at present. The quasi-Zhan simulation technology is used during processing, so that the surface and the leather texture are very close, and the hand feels hard. It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the two. Microfiber leather has excellent wear resistance, good cold resistance and aging resistance, but the price is cheaper than leather.

The difference between microfiber leather and real leather:

Speaking of microfiber leather, let’s talk about real leather. Genuine leather is processed from the skin peeled from animals. It is also called natural leather. Common leather, crocodile skin, sheepskin and so on.

Then we come to see the difference between the two from several aspects.

1. Appearance. Microfiber leather is the most similar to real leather in artificial leather. Its appearance is very close to real leather. However, after careful observation, you will find that the surface of the leather has clear pores and the textures on the skin are relatively natural, while the surface of the microfiber leather has no pores. , The lines are more regular. Even the texture of rough-worked microfiber leather may be close to the texture of plastic.

2. Weight. After looking at the microfiber leather, you can weigh it. The weight of the microfiber leather is lower than that of the leather, because the specific gravity of the leather is generally 0.6, and the specific gravity of the microfiber leather is less than or equal to 0.5, which means that the bag can be After the product is weighed, it is judged which material it is.

3. Odor. The dermis is animal skin, so it has a peculiar smell, even a bad smell. If excessive formaldehyde, heavy metals, etc. are added during processing, the dermis will have a pungent odor. The microfiber leather is artificial leather and has a lighter taste, but inferior microfiber leather may have a plastic smell.

4. Performance. Both microfiber leather and real leather have better performance. Perhaps microfiber leather is better in terms of wear resistance and aging resistance, while leather is better in terms of comfort and breathability. But the overall performance of the two can reach a certain balance.

5. Take materials. Leather is taken from animals, and its quantity, size, shape, etc. are restricted by animals, while microfiber leather is artificial leather, which is more convenient to obtain materials, more in quantity, and more stable in quality and performance.

6. Price. Under normal circumstances, the price of leather is higher than that of microfiber leather (referring to the first layer of leather), and the price of leather will fluctuate due to market supply and demand. However, some high-end ultra-fiber leathers abroad have high technological content and are more expensive than real leather, and are mostly used in high-end areas.

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